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Frank Iero's wink in the Na Na Na viseo stopped my heart a little bit. *flails helplessly*

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I might belong mainly to Pinto these days, but about twenty minutes ago I was reminded of another fannish love:


They are everything I have ever wanted. And they're back. OMG guys!

You Open Me Up
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Title: You Open Me Up
Pairing: Zachary Quinto/Chris Pine
Summary: Written for this prompt at the kinkmeme. I did my best with it - it's a personal subject for me (and, I would imagine, for a lot of people in fandom) - but, idk, maybe I wasn't the best person to write it. Nonetheless, I hope OP likes it and forgives me for taking such a stupidly long time to write it. Oh, and I think the end is stupid.
Word Count: 4479
Note: Title taken from the HIM song The Foreboding Sound of Impending Happiness.

This, Zach thinks, is ridiculous.Collapse )

i have no idea what the feminine version of the name ville would be...
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that's another reason why the epic girl!ville au taking up space in my head atm will never get written. other reasons include: my own laziness, me not knowing anything about the other members of him, me getting girl!ville mixed up with lisbeth salander in my head. but! here are some things that would be in that fic:

ville doesn't wear heels. or skirts, at least not very often. sometimes she looks like a skinny boy, sometimes like a model. the ambiguity attracts all kinds of people. sometimes she'll wear a man's suit to formal events.

mostly, ville falls in love with women. tall, curvacious, beautiful women. there's been the odd guy, but usually they're just casual flings. one time, when they were both drunk and lonely, she had sex with tuomas holopainen. they've both written angsty songs about it.

she doesn't do half measures.

she does photoshoots topless. people really ~~react when they see the heartagram tattoo on her breast.

she drinks because she feels half-missing. she's obsessed with falling in love. she wants to find The One, and kind of hates herself for it. she stops drinking because she's probably not going to find The One when she's too drunk to walk. also the puking blood and maybe-dying and stuff.

she's probably fucked up her chances with more than one person who might have been The One because she spends more time writing songs about her partners than she does actually talking to them.

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Always-a-girl!Ville Valo would be fucking hot.

sunnydale pinto
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 Again for the fic giveaway. This time significantly more relevant.

i'm willing to bet this happened all the time in sunnydaleCollapse )

that pirate au
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This is for the fic giveaway at pinto_fic. Um. It DOES say 'whatever fandom'. I know it's unlikely to get picked up, but I'm never going to finish it, so here we have it: the fic in which Tuomas Holopainen is a rubbish pirate caught between two hot ladies.

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1) LOL ZQ HUNG OUT WITH MADONNA AT A PARTY. It will never not be funny. This is the first time in literally years when I haven't wanted that woman to just GO AWAY.

2) I’ve changed my mind - sitting alone in my room with a book is MUCH preferable to getting out there and earning my own money.

3) So a while ago I pretty much swapped bandom for Star Trek - both the new movie and RPF - and in that time Panic(!) at the Disco split in half, Fall Out Boy broke up, and now Bob Bryar has left MCR. The last one is the one I’m most upset about. There will always be space for Panic on my iPod, but I loved them in fic and didn’t necessarily pay to much attention to, y’know, them. Fall Out Boy? Same but different. They made music I will never let go of, and it does upset me that what they became was so very far from what they originally set out to be, and that they aren’t really close anymore, but - just a band, at the same time. Which seems like an odd reaction, if a reassuring one. I really love(d) Fall Out Boy, but I’m not in pieces now they’re gone.

However. If MCR broke up? If they were no longer the brotherhood they so often say they are? I’m pretty sure I would die a little inside. And now Bob’s gone. (Why always the drummer?) And I’m sad, but not heartbroken. I think the way the band have handled it is a little odd, though I respect their decision to put it straight on the blog. Is it just me, or is the fact that it was Frank who posted the message weird? It just seems like, if it was gonna be one of them who made the announcement, it would be Gerard. And couldn’t he have been a little clearer about the album? He mentioned new songs, so obviously they’re delaying it AGAIN, but it would have been nice if that had been specifically addressed. (By the way, I’m not saying I feel fucked over as a fan, I’m just… speculating…) And when I’m done thinking about that, I get onto WHY he left. It looks like it was a mutual decision, and COULD have just been for health reasons, but then - they made an album. They were just getting into promoting it. If Bob wasn’t gonna be able to do this, wouldn’t they have figured it out sooner? Then again, clearly I don’t know their lives, anything could have happened, yadda yadda. I just can’t help feeling it was more to do with relationships within the band, and that more than anything is what upsets me. I want them to be the ridiculous little family I’ve read about in fic. I want GerardMikeyBobRayFrank to be the definitive MCR, and now they won’t. But they’ll find someone good. I trust them.

Anyway, all this kind of feeds into vague half-thoughts I’ve been having lately about how healthy it is being this invested in the doings of real people who I don’t actually know. I guess the thing about fandom is, you can’t turn it off when you feel like it. I mean, fandom is a good thing - I don’t get super-involved in it because that’s not my style, but it’s still fun. It’s not so much fun when someone you’re obsessed with has something bad happen to them or whatever and it literally hurts you. Idk, *vagueness*, I guess this was the good thing about exclusively fangirling fictional people.

the glitter has got me again
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Yup, Strictly Come Dancing is back on. As ever, I care nothing for the celebrities and mostly watch it for the pros - my favourite of whom went out this weekend. Ah, Matthew Cutler, there will never be another Alesha for you. Aaaaaaaaaaand, since I can't take off these damn slash goggles, I may as well record my glee when I found out that he and Ian Waite had (allegedly) been on holiday together with Christine Bleakley and what's-his-face. MATT/IAN IS MY OTP. I CAN'T HELP IT.


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Title: The One Where Everything Would Be Fine If Zach Was A Little Bit Smarter
Pairing: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
Rating: Oh god, guys, I suck at ratings. There's some bad language here and no porn. I doubt there's anything you can't deal with. Although, if this turns out not to be the case, tell me and I'll warn for it.
Summary: Meet Zachary Quinto, actor and idiot.
Notes: This is the longest piece of fiction I have ever written. I sincerely doubt that it's much good, but I hope people like it anyway.
More Notes: Thank you so much to everyone who has read and commented on this fic - you guys have made me grin like a fool. By the time I came to post this I was beginning to wonder if it wasn't just... well, bit rubbish. But it's turned into the most popular thing I've ever written, and that - and your encouragement - has made me feel fantastic. So, once again, thank you!

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight

After a day of interviews about the Star Trek sequel, Zach knocks on the door of Chris’ hotel room.Collapse )


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